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Fair Ohs- Green Apple Milk


Summer antics with Fair Ohs

THE newest single from London’s Fair Ohs is a sun-kissed slice of pounding drums, saxophones and trashy guitar.

The start to Green Apple Milk is loud, rhythmic and put me in mind of early Radio 4(The band not the station…), especially with the jerky guitar rifs and shouty lyrics. Read More…


Songs of the month

Here’s my top five songs for this month. Read More…

Album Review: Waxahatchee- Cerulean Salt

THE SECOND album from Philadelphia based, Katie Crutchfield, is set to be the underground hit of the summer and the soundtrack to melancholic teens across the land.

Since last years debut, American Weekend, Cruchfield now sounds much more self-assured with her voice and she doesn’t hide behind the recording, but instead wears her heart completely on her sleeve. Read More…

Winter Blues cured by Blues

Every Friday the Cleveland bay in Yarm is transformed into the hub of local blues music and last night I finally turned up for one.

On arriving I asked myself a question, nothing deep just why on earth haven’t I come before? Read More…