Here’s 8 fool-proof steps to dance like the Stone Roses’ Ian Brown

With Stone Roses releasing their first song in over two decades tonight at 8pm, there will be plenty of fans dancing around their front rooms.

But seeing as it’s the Roses and Ian Brown’s dance moves are rather legendary, here’s how you can dance like Mr Brown and impress – and definitely not embarrassing – your kids.

Step 1: Grab a pair of over-sized sunglasses despite being in a dark room. 


Step 2: Pull a face like someone you hate has said something really stupid


Step 3: Keep your bottom half perfectly still while you sway your arms

Step 4: Remember you do have some legs and start moving on the spot 


Step 5: Grab some women(or men) and start dancing with them (remember not to move too much)


Step 6: Continue to jog on the spot – you could do with the exercise 


Step 7: Pretend you’re drinking a small bike – or you’re the Crazy Frog (unless you’ve blanked him out of your mind following months of therapy).

Step 8 : Finish it off with some more dancing on the spot




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