Middlesbrough entrepreneur brewing success

Carli-Jayne McNaught, 25 from Saltburn, talked to Tside about her ambitions to evolve her tearoom business, the olde young teahouse.

The shop opened in 2010 after Carli moved back to Teesside:  “I was working in London, as a tailor on Saville Row and in my free time I would look around all the little tea shops. When I returned home I realised there was nothing, it was such a niche market.” said Carli.

“I would like a bigger shop, another shop – a few shops really.

“Really I  just want to sell, sell, sell”. said the former Cleveland college of art and design student.

These plans are a mile away from when the shop opened two and an half years ago: “During my first week of opening I didn’t have a clue what I was doing.

“When people where coming in I was serving them very slowly; it felt like I was playing shop, it felt like it wasn’t real.”

The plans come in a tough economic climate, with many local stores like rocket retro and even larger chains like HMV look set to close.

However, there is hope as recently Middlesbrough has seen an increase in pop-up shops appearing around the town centre like Lazy Joe’s Vintage ,Designers Marketplace, The Craftery,Fat Dog Skate Shop. to name just a few.

“It’s good that people are testing the water by bringing more independent shops into the area.

“It helps us and people also come to me for my advice, we are all one big indie community”. Carli said.

A steady increase in sales and more and more exposure has turned the tearoom in to a successful business.

The shop is also very popular with students, being just a two minute walk from campus, Carli was keen to mention the importance of the University:

“It’s really good that the university is so close-by, many students can relate to me as I have been a student myself, and have really helped bring custom in our direction.”

The Grange road tea-house does not only offer a fine range of world teas – over 60 – there are also a wide selection of cakes and other delectable treats.


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