Have you met Folks?

MANCHESTER six-piece, Folks, have a bit of a special relationship with Teesside and next month they’re returning to play Empire.

Guitarist Thom Fripp and bassist Harry, both from Manchester, chatted to me about how the tour was going.
“It’s a small tour compared to the last one we did but the smaller ones are often better in many ways. Especially for a six piece, way sweatier”, said Thom.

Harry added: “We start our headline tour at the end of January and we’re playing Middlesbrough Empire on February 9. That’s a great venue so we can’t wait to play there.”

Folks are eager to return to M’boro

Thom, who has previously played with local bands like, The Pretty Hickeys, Cold Pistols and The Naughty Vicars, talked about how it felt to return home.
“I’ve been playing these venues since I was 16. It’s also a great part of the country to play because people seem to be more into music for the right reasons round here, no snobbery or anything like that.”
The pair also mentioned their favourite local bands.

Harry said: “I love Goy Boy McIlroy, they supported us the first time we played the Ku Bar and we’ve stayed in touch ever since.”

Thom added: “The Bluebuds, who we played with in Stockton once, they’ve got really nice songs, but I’m still waiting on a Cold Pistols reunion.”

Thom joined the band in 2011 and since then has toured with the likes of, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, The View and Band of Skulls.

The band’s debut album, “I See Cathedrals” came out in 2012, and is heavily influenced by The Beatles with strong undertones of The Black keys and Oasis.  Thom and Harry also chatted about future endeavours for the band.

Thom said: “We’re always writing new stuff so when the time is right for a follow up, we’ll be prepared. For now we’re still buzzing off the first album.”
“There’s no plans for releasing further material as yet but the stuff we’ve been jamming out has sounded pretty electric,” noted Harry.

On the possibility of returning for festivals like Stockton Calling or Stockton International Riverside Festival, Thom said: “Nothing has been set in stone yet but I’m sure we will be. We love Stockton Calling, and the weekender. They’re always great fun.”


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