Stockton is Calling

THIS year’s Stockton Calling is set to be the biggest since the festival started back in 2010 with more bands and venues on offer.

Acts like, The Sunshine Underground, Chapel Club, Swim Deep not to forgot a host of artists, this years festival offers something for everyone.

Last years festival sold out on pre-release tickets alone, festival co-founder, Chris Cobain said: “I think Stockton calling is getting a bit of hype now and people are seeing it as a good day out.”

“It winds me up when I open a magazine and see something going on in London or Leeds and I think why can’t we have that up here,” said Jimmy Beck, the other co-founder.

“The point of the festival was to get a band that no one has heard of in a small room with a few people.” he added.

This year’s festival will see two new stages added,The Green Room and The Storytellers;with over 70 acts spread out over one day there will be plenty of variety on offer.

Chris said: “We always want to try and put as many local bands on as we can while keeping some good touring bands on the bill, cos that’s what people want to see.”

Previous years have seen the likes of The Pigeon Detectives, The View and King Charles but the organisers are happy to say their festival isn’t just about one band.

Jimmy said: “People came out for Stockton Calling and it wasn’t oh I’ve bought my ticket to see The Pigeon Detectives, it was, I’ve bought my ticket cos I’m looking forward to the whole day.”

With the ticket prices of larger festivals like Glastonbury and Reading & Leeds getting more and more expensive, the mini festival like Stockton Calling is becoming more popular.

“ I think sometimes that’s what festivals do wrong they do certain stages and give it one feel, but if you keep it new and fresh people are going to walk.” said Chris.

When asked would there be a 2014 Stockton Calling, the pair unanimously said: “As long as people are coming there will be Stockton Calling.”

Tickets are still available at-

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