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Spectrals interview

Spectrals_4_cr_StephenDuffyFROM a small village in Yorkshire to recording in San Francisco, 23 year old Louis Jones, aka Spectrals, has gone on quiet the journey since starting out in 2010.

And now with the imminent release of his second album, Sob Story, Louis has spoken to Tside about recording, returning to the North and that pesky second album. Read More…


Fair Ohs- Green Apple Milk


Summer antics with Fair Ohs

THE newest single from London’s Fair Ohs is a sun-kissed slice of pounding drums, saxophones and trashy guitar.

The start to Green Apple Milk is loud, rhythmic and put me in mind of early Radio 4(The band not the station…), especially with the jerky guitar rifs and shouty lyrics. Read More…

Songs of the month

Here’s my top five songs for this month. Read More…

Middlesbrough entrepreneur brewing success

Carli-Jayne McNaught, 25 from Saltburn, talked to Tside about her ambitions to evolve her tearoom business, the olde young teahouse.

The shop opened in 2010 after Carli moved back to Teesside:  “I was working in London, as a tailor on Saville Row and in my free time I would look around all the little tea shops. When I returned home I realised there was nothing, it was such a niche market.” said Carli. Read More…

Have you met Folks?

MANCHESTER six-piece, Folks, have a bit of a special relationship with Teesside and next month they’re returning to play Empire.

Guitarist Thom Fripp and bassist Harry, both from Manchester, chatted to me about how the tour was going. Read More…

Album Review: Waxahatchee- Cerulean Salt

THE SECOND album from Philadelphia based, Katie Crutchfield, is set to be the underground hit of the summer and the soundtrack to melancholic teens across the land.

Since last years debut, American Weekend, Cruchfield now sounds much more self-assured with her voice and she doesn’t hide behind the recording, but instead wears her heart completely on her sleeve. Read More…

Stockton is Calling

THIS year’s Stockton Calling is set to be the biggest since the festival started back in 2010 with more bands and venues on offer.

Acts like, The Sunshine Underground, Chapel Club, Swim Deep not to forgot a host of artists, this years festival offers something for everyone. Read More…