The true Shakers of Harlem.

Seven years ago the true shakers of Harlem, ‘Harlem Shakes‘ formed and now, four years after their split they’re gaining a new following thanks to the internet craze, Harlem Shake.

In the space of just a few weeks the band gained 8,000 new followers all thanks to a series of 30 second videos of people ‘Harlem Shaking’ on Youtube.

Posting on their Twitter page about the latest internet craze’s impact on the band they said: ” An internet fluke has brought our 3-years-broken-up band Twitter account up to almost 10,000 followers.”

On the bands page, they have well over 2 million “scrobbles” and have had a sharp increase in plays since February of this year.  Comments on the page range from: “DO THE HARLEM SHAKE BWABWOOBWOOWOOO” to the more subtle “That’s not what i expected when typed “Harlem Shake” in search, still cool though”.

The band formed in Brooklyn, New York in 2006  and only released one full LP,  ‘Technicolor Health‘ in 2009 just before their unexpected hiatus in the September of that year.

The origin of the bands name and the YouTube sensation derives from a dance performed at halftime at Basketball games in Rucker Park, Harlem by Al.B, who passed away in 2006.

Although they may share names, the similarities between the dance and the band sadly end there.  The band, offer an upbeat, optimistic dose of preppy, indie-synth and afrobeat jams; somewhere on the indie spectrum between Deerhunter  and Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah!.

As internet crazes go, this one has been pretty good in letting a little know band gain a greater audience. Sadly however, as most internet fads are over within a few weeks(See anything related to Kony 2012) the bands exposure may be over before it really got going.

Five things better than Teesside Universities attempt at a Harlem Shake:
1. Everything
2. Harlem Shakes(Band)
3. Harlem Globetrotters
4. Harlem Heat(WCW tag-team champions)


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