Winter Blues cured by Blues

Every Friday the Cleveland bay in Yarm is transformed into the hub of local blues music and last night I finally turned up for one.

On arriving I asked myself a question, nothing deep just why on earth haven’t I come before?

Then I heard the band, Gypsy Bill and Dell Porter and decided from now on every Friday is blues night.

Bill ‘n’ Dell

Gypsy Bill and Dell are a throwback to the glory days of Skip James and Big Bill Broonzy.

With Dell’s infectious upright bass combined with Bill’s hauntingly soulful voice and his steel guitar the pair offers something out of the blue(what a pun!).

Their set had everyone in the back room of the pub:toe tapping and head bopping; it was a real hoe-down.

As the night went on and the beers flowed the bass got more infectious and the toe tapping made me look a little like Michael J Fox(That’s libel, no one in-form Fox); but I didn’t care and neither did a nice gentleman who looked a little like Pete Donaldson(That’s not libel, both are extremely sexy).

As the band finished I got a chance to give Gypsy Bill my plaudits after a brief, charming chat the night was over; but my love for Bill and Dell continued as I trawled the internet for their music and at 4.23 am I found them.

And since then they’ve been on repeat; with ‘Let her go’ being my particular favourite, but the covers of ‘Baby caught the train’, ‘Hard time killin floor’ and ‘Moppin blues’ are equally as superb.

I’ll certainly be doing my best to get along to Blues at the Bay every Friday and post a review of it on a Saturday.

The music was good, the beer was cheap; what more could you want?

Here’s a list of upcoming Blues at the Bay events:

Here’s Bill and Dell live:

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