Collectors Club ‘Wanna be you’ review

The sirens of ‘jingly jangly pop’ are ringing out as Teesside’s Collectors club are set release their second single ‘Wanna be you‘.

After the single launch last week at Mixtape they’ve also got a new video, sadly without Jessica Robinson.

The Video

The video doesn’t have a narrative as the previous one but at least a local band is going to effort of making a video.

Saying that though the scenes of them dancing in a circle only make the prospect of hara-kiri much more appealing.

The Song

I was very impressed with CCs early demo’s but I do think this song doesn’t live up to the previous hype.

Though that might just be me being pedantic, I guess if you like; The Kooks, or any mid 00s band you’ll be in good stead with this song.

The melodies are as expected from this band, obnoxiously contagious over time and the bass-line is pretty fly.

My favourite thing about the song is the pre-chorus. It’s naïve and sets up the chorus brilliantly. However I’ve never really liked a chorus which has just one line.

The middle 8th sounds rather sexual and gives the song a different dynamic rather than the dull. Verse, chorus,verse, chorus, outro, as used by many bands who are quite lazy.

Apart from that the verse’s neither inspire or excite me, which is a shame because I know they have plenty of other songs which get me excited(take that how you want).

The conclusion

It still confuses me that the band haven’t pushed, what I thought to be their best songs,’  Out tonight‘ and ‘Still lie with you’. 

Both have a solid hook, which certainly finds you singing them around the house, while ‘Wanna be you‘ is for the most part just background noise.

I know they’re in good hands with former Dartz player(quite the pun, no?), Henry Carden, I hope they release either out tonight or still lie to me at some point or offer something a little faster or exciting in the verse department.

I can’t like every song and don’t particularly like this one on a whole. However it is nice to see a local band not only pushing themselves out on social media like Youtube but being looked after by someone who’s been there and got the t-shirt.

Make your own mind up by watching it here:



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2 responses to “Collectors Club ‘Wanna be you’ review”

  1. coaster says :

    I think you might mean Still Lie With You.

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